2022 Lineup & Schedule

Friday June 24, 2022 | Doors 5pm

Sunshine Makers | 6pm

Sunshine Makers is a 6-piece R&B/ neo-soul band from Toronto. Fronted by singer/songwriter Brent Jackson, best known as the singer/guitarist of the band The Junction that toured all over North America countless times, the band is currently working on their debut album.

The Shitty Beatles | 7pm

‘The Shitty Beatles’ are an experience by Beatle maniacs, for Beatle maniacs. Expect the deep cuts, A-sides, Hamburg years, and everything in between, played note for note in all their fab four glory. This British invasion extravaganza is stacked with players of the finest Toronto rock pedigree, including members of Zeus and the Golden Dogs. Long-time friends who bonded over their fanatical love of the group, the crew decided to take their house party Beatles jams to the stage in an official capacity for others to enjoy. And so, The Shitty Beatles were born. Ok, the name. Just google shitty beatles wayne’s world. Bottom line: they’ve got the cure for your Get Back fever. A cover band? Yes. Shitty? Absolutely not.

Dwayne Gretzky | 8:30pm

Dwayne Gretzky are Canada’s reigning champs of nostalgia and a can’t miss live music experience; a curated nostalgia trip that captures the unique joy of turning a radio dial and being surprised by the familiar. A 10+ piece juggernaut that brings to life the greatest songs of all time, this talented group of Toronto musicians ignites audiences with their charm, fidelity and theatrical flair. Celebrating classic pop and rock, from Fleetwood Mac to Fatboy Slim, Dwayne Gretzky has delivered electrifying renditions of over 700 songs.

Saturday June 25, 2022 | Doors 4pm

PONY | 4:45pm

"TV Baby", the debut LP from Toronto power-pop act PONY, is an album dedicated to the indoor cats, the introverts, and those who value their independence above anything else. Driven by vocalist/guitarist Sam Bielanski’s sharp vocal tones, fuzzy guitars, and flashy, driving rhythm, the band combines cheeky 1980s style with 1990s self-reliance and modern production sheen for an experience caught between worlds. It’s hooky and vibrant, but don’t mistake exuberance for extroversion.

Lydia Persaud | 6pm

Lydia Persaud brings a full spectrum of emotion to her latest album, Moody31. Shimmery runs fall alongside precise enunciations that slightly quiver on pitch. A singer with daring range, she stretches words - subtly melismatic, smooth, slantly gospel - to their full emotional capacity. Set for release in April 2022 this sophomore record remodels Persaud’s multitude of influences into a dynamic and harmonious original. Described by producer Scott McCannell as “Roberta Flack sitting in with Bill Withers' band at a folk festival,” Moody31 recombines jazz, R&B, and folk stylings to create soul music in its most literal sense. The effect is deep vulnerability crossed with absolute self-possession. It’s these antithetical desires that cut to the core of Moody31: to love and be loved without losing oneself in the process.

Dylan Sinclair | 7:15pm

Recently named one of Apple Music and Complex’s R&B Artists to Watch for in 2022, Sinclair is gearing up for the release of his breakout new EP, No Longer In The Suburbs, due out May 11, 2022 via Five Stone Records. The coming-of-age record finds Dylan stepping into himself and transitioning from teenager to young adult – remaining grounded, authentic, and aware that this is just the beginning.

Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy | 8:30pm

Hearing Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy speak reverentially about the fiddle, which has propelled their dazzling careers since childhood while cementing their status as Canada’s reigning couple of Celtic music, is almost as electrifying as hearing them play it. Indeed, when MacMaster and Leahy married in 2002 — both were already stars in their own right — they could not have predicted their merger would recast what contemporary musical success looks like. Or that they would produce a large family and ensure their mantelpiece was jammed with JUNO and East Coast Music Awards while creating an inventory of achievements spanning the globe.